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Window tinting near Salt Lake City has never been easier! Getting window tint is considered a necessity by most. Not only will some films keep your car cool, but they will also help protect you from the harmful rays from the  sun


We take a lot of pride in our work and strive hard to be the best tinting company in Salt Lake. We aren't satisfied unless the customer is satisfied. Based on that alone we will always warranty our work for life.


Our tinting company near SLC offers high quality film that is applied to the front end of your car. This will protect your paint from those dreaded scratches and rust spots caused by rocks and various small objects being tossed around on the roadways.

Book an Appointment

You can book an appointment now with our tinting service, or give us a call to schedule an appointment. We even offer mobile tinting services within the Salt Lake County.

"Vic was great! Immediately scheduled to come measure for an estimate, and when accepted promptly scheduled to do the job. The price was more than fair, and the window looks great! It was a small job and even though it wasn’t a big “money maker” for them, he still did the job with enthusiasm and kindness. I would recommend him to anyone looking for window tint!" - Bridgett Thetcher - 5 


Our window tinting company in Salt Lake City is tailored to provide nothing but the best for our valued customers.

We combined the finest quality product and complete flexibility with amazing pricing

so that we can suit your needs.


We offer mobile tinting withing the Salt Lake County to accommodate those of you who are unable to bring the vehicle down to our shop.




Nothing is to good for our loyal customers! We use high grade Suntek film and product for both paint protection as well as tinting solutions.

Getting any sort of work done on your vehicle can result in big out of pocket expenses. With that in mind, we try our best to offer an inexpensive way for you to personalize and protect your car.


About Tint Connection

If you are looking for one of the best window tinting near salt lake city businesses then you came to the right place. We take pride in the work we perform and guarantee the quality of our services and products. While there are many car window tinting companies in Salt Lake City we strive hard to be among the best and highest rated. When you choose our local business you will not be disappointed. Whether you need commercial window tinting, car window tinting, home window tinting or something custom we have the skills and experience needed to get the job done. 


Window tinting companies have been around for many years and tinting materials have become more advanced. We are able to complete a full tinting job within a day if you are wanting your car’s window tinted in SLC. We do much more than car windows, our business also offers commercial window tinting and residential home window tinting along with RV’s and travel trailers. Over the course of the last several years we have tinted hundreds of vehicles and homes with the best tint products available on the market.


Adding window tint to a car helps with a variety of things such as protecting your eyes from the sun, making it harder to see into the car and giving the car a more appealing look aesthetically. The majority of sports cars and high end SUVs will have dark tint due to the look it provides and also the protection offered from potential car thefts. If a thief can see valuable items and wallets easily from the outside of the car there is a higher chance they try to break in to get what they want. Window tint can help keep thieves away from the vehicle since they do not know what is inside the vehicle or if there are any valuables waiting on the interior. Car window tinting in Salt Lake City has never been easier for you, just give us a call today and we will provide a free estimate over the phone or in person. We provide mobile car window tinting services as well if you live outside of the city. 

Salt Lake residential window tinting has become a new trend over the last several years with new construction homes. Tinting the windows on your home will help reflect the sun during the summer and make it more difficult for people to see into the home. Many people in the city do not like having to cover their views of the mountains with curtains or blinds, by tinting the windows on your home you can solve this problem. Residential window tinting in SLC is worth the investment in the home, in many cases tinting home windows can add value and curb appeal to the home (giving it a more modern look). Give our local business a call today for all of your tinting needs and services, we will work our hardest to ensure you get the best SLC tinting company around.

If your car could use some of the most professional window tinting salt lake city Utah services around then there is no need to go any further! Our window tinting salt lake city company only uses professional grade products which are designed to last for years to come. Each day we have new clients calling in regards to their window tinting slc for sports cars, SUV’s, trucks and homes. We strive to be the best salt lake window tinting companies and guarantee your satisfaction with the finished results. We offer services such as car window tinting salt lake city, commercial window tinting Utah and more. Our business serves the entire SLC area along with other locations such as window tinting Ogden Utah, Window tinting Murray Utah, window tinting bountiful Utah and even in places such as Evanston and St George. For all of your Utah auto window tinting needs be sure to give our team a call today! 

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