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We have provided tint and paint protection services since 1996! With that experience we have learned how to precisely and perfectly apply the film to ensure that it will not fail.


It makes us cringe to see windows full of bubbles or completely purple with the corners peeling back. If ever you see these factors, this means that the technicians used an inferior product, applied hastily and without attention to detail. The hardest part about applying any sort of film is making sure that you have prepped it properly. Without correct prep work, the glue will fail and there will be dust particles captured underneath the film, creating a bubbly, star like effect in the finished product.


In order to avoid undesirable situations such as mentioned above, we have spent the last 20 years fine tuning our expertise. In this way, we provide the best quality service at an affordable cost. We ensure that you will not suffer from any sub par tint, or tint malfunction, by providing a lifetime warranty with all of our services.


Our company is based out of the Salt Lake County, and has been since day one. We take great pride in the fact that when we hand the keys back over to the owner, they leave with a smile on their face every time. We love the strong community here, and that we have the opportunity to see our work driving around the local streets.

We are always looking for feedback, if you love us or hate us please let us know. Even with over 20 years experience, there is always some way to improve. Your feedback is a way to ensure that we can continue growing and exceeding expectations every day, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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